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These aren't actually "frequently asked questions" as much as they are "could possibly be asked" questions. In the interests of sharing, I'll jot down some answers.

Why a 20-week planner?

I'm rather new to making notebooks, but it seems like the rule of thumb for saddle stitch notebooks (or stapled notebooks) is a maximum of 48 pages. 20 weeks was the maximum number of weeks I could squeeze into 48 pages, 10 weeks in the first half and 10 weeks in the second half.

Can I start using Bluebird anytime?

Yes! Pages are not dated, so you can start anytime you're ready!

How durable is it?

It's pretty good. Here's what mine looks like after 20 weeks of wear.

I see you're in Tokyo. Do you ship internationally?

Why yes, I am in Tokyo. How observant of you! Yes, I do ship internationally. More details on shipping and delivery can be found here.

Why do you charge in US dollars if you're in Japan?

Most of the interest that Bluebird has generated so far has been among users outside Japan, so I think USD might be the best choice. For now.

As a Canadian though, I do admit some discomfort prioritizing USD over my own dear loonie.

I like your project. Can I buy you a beer?


Why did you make this?

I used to manage my daily tasks on my smartphone using an app. Trello was maybe my favorite. But like many people in 2016, I found that there was a lot of really depressing news emanating from adjacent apps, like Facebook and Twitter. Disconnecting from the internet had always been a good way to maintain my focus. But 2016 was the year that disconnecting became critical to maintaining my sanity.

There are many ways to manage productivity offline. Bluebird is mine.

Do you sell to wholesalers?

Yes. Drop me a line, let's talk.

Can I order a 'white label' version with my company's logo on the front?

Contact me and we can discuss.

What's with the bird?

In my spare time I photograph kingfishers here in Tokyo. The logo is basically just traced from photo I once took, with the blue color picked straight from the bird with a color picker. Nature is the best inspiration, especially if you don't have much design chops!